The proposal shown below seeks to highlight the tremendous opportunity for public rights of way to be designed in a manner that not only facilitates a variety of transportation modes with efficiency and safety, but allow a myriad of utility, communication, and other infrastructure to be placed without the need for costly installation or maintenance. This will allow for far greater options for costumers, less capital and maintenance costs for infrastructure, and significant public revenue from ROW leases.

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In conjunction with a proposed commuter rail system serving the Capital Region along the existing Albany-Schenectady route, the Wolf Rd Redevelopment Plan seeks to consolidate growth and development around the proposed Fuller Rd Train Station. Changes in Land Use and minor alterations to street infrastructure shall facilitate higher density development and allowing seamless connectivity to the region's economic focal points and transportation hubs with mass transit, providing commuters and travelers more economical, efficient, and faster transit than any other surface transportation option currently allows--all while significantly reducing environmental emissions.

The redevelopment of this corridor will reduce the need to improve undeveloped parcels in the surrounding area, create walkable and vibrant street environments, and facilitate significant economic growth in the region by further connecting the labor force with Wolf Rd and the surrounding commercial, logistical, and institutional destinations.

The map shown on the right indicates, with each dot, the concentration of jobs in the Capital Region. The circles show a half mile radius from the location of the proposed stations, all located on existing rail lines, to demonstrate the current displacement of jobs in relationship to what current rail infrastructure can service with only small improvements needed to create the new stations in addition to the existing ones.