While often overlooked as a transport option, short sea shipping utilizing America's extensive inland waterways can offer drastically greater economy and capacity for shippers. Marine transportation can carry any type of freight, with savings in transportation costs generally accruing for loads of 1,500 tons or greater.

A typical barge 195' in length and 35' in width has approximately 75 the tonnage capacity of a fully loaded truck. Tow boats are able to push dozens of barges in a single tow, compounding the benefits and savings. In addition to being the most economical option along maritime corridors, it is also the safest and generates the least amount of carbon emissions. 

We work to provide a seamless option for shippers looking for greater capacity and economy, coordinating with transloading terminals and road carriers for last mile truck delivery from point of origin to destination. Our significant value-add services allow customers to ship freight with the same ease as OTR trucking with all of the benefits of marine transportation integrated with current technology such as GPS tracking and real-time updates.

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